Is it possible that “mom” could become the Matron of Honor at your daughter’s wedding? Mom is someone who loves you dearly and always has been, right? She will be most likely to get along with the bride. You might not agree that “mom” is the matron of honor; but if you are having a son, you must have some reservations.

Matron of Honor

Before you decide to send her away for the wedding, consider that colors she should wear: white and pink are the right color to pair with “softer” hues like lime green and orange. Or, if “mum” is a daughter, her parents would probably insist on the matching shades in her dress. Mom will also appreciate a complementary hue in her matron of honor gown to allow her to easily match it with the wedding accessories and shoes.

The task of being the matron of honor has been entrusted to the mother since she is the primary witness. However, “mum” is also an excellent choice when there are two bridesmaids as well. If you want to have a matron of honor, start by researching and reviewing a list of wedding traditions and conventions in order to be aware of the “right” colors, gown styles, etc.

As bridesmaids need to wear the same dress, there should be a harmonious combination. And it would be an ideal compliment to a pair of matching flats. Or, if it happens to be summer, a black pencil skirt could be paired with a demure yellow dress.

Other options include: “mom” could not wear the same dress with bridesmaids; but if there are other matches, they would still look equally lovely. So, there would be no problem that “mom” is going to be the matron of honor because there would be enough designs to be paired with another woman’s dress.

But how should a mother-daughter couple decide whether or not “mom” should be allowed to not wear the same dress with bridesmaids? Let me share with you a simple yet insightful suggestion: if you both go for the same “green” (as in color), then it would be okay to not wear the same dress as bridesmaids.

Some mothers have problems with this suggestion, but it’s one of the simplest things they have to remember in terms of “no no’s” when they decide “Mom” will not be allowed to not wear the same dress with bridesmaids. They may be very picky about the color in which “mom” wears to the wedding.

If you think “mom” is going to have a tough time with “no don’t wear the same dresses with bridesmaids,” you will be happy to know that this is not the case. A mother does not have to like the color, or, if the bridesmaids are happy with the color, then mom should let them choose the dresses. Of course, if you need to choose from several bridesmaids’ dresses, make sure to have all the bridesmaids’ names on the dress and on their shirts.

For one thing, every bride will have different preferences when it comes to fashion sense and color. Every mother would be very happy to see their bridesmaids wearing their preferred colors, including very complimentary hues. Also, you should remember that every single mother’s style is unique and distinct, so you do not have to copy what is popular.

If you really feel that your mother should not be the “Matron of Honor” at your daughter’s wedding, you should do the right thing. You can express your concern by asking the bridesmaids to wear different colors or matching dresses.

Every father-to-be who wants to bring up the possibility of not wearing the same dress with bridesmaids should talk it over with his child first. Even if you want “mom” to be the matron of honor, you daughter’s wedding, you do not have to be that person. She is already in love with you and should not be made a fool of by other people.

Matron honor Bride’s responsibility to select the lady as her Matron of honor for the wedding day. She has to make a wise choice. Because the Matron of Honor has to do a lot of great works starting from the planning of wedding to return of the couple from their honeymoon. She is one of the important persons on bride’s side to make the wedding memorable.

That’s why the lady selected as a Matron of Honor should be such a woman who is considered to be the most intimate and trustworthy woman of the bride. Who may be the most intimate and trustworthy woman for the bride, except her own mother. Mother knows the taste and desire of her daughter better than any other woman in the world. It’s natural for the bride to share her own viewpoints to her Mom at first. That’s why a girl having strong bondage to her Mom finds it very much easy to choose her Mom as her Matron of Honor, excluding others from the list. Yet, selecting Mom as the Matron of Honor creates lot of problems too.

So, as a bride you have to reach to a well calculated decision whether to choose your own Mom for the most important and prestigious role in your wedding or choose one from your relatives, neighbors or friends who is already married.
Here are some arguments for and against selecting Mom as your Maid of honor.

Arguments in favor of Mom-

The Pros of Matron honor
• The foremost argument for selecting your mom as Matron of honor is that there are so many duties, which are found common between the roles of both in the wedding day. Such as- helping you to get ready in the morning, keep you laughing prior to the ceremony, caring you with your favorite food and drinks. So, why would you go for an extra person who will roam around you unnecessarily in your biggest day of the life? Rely upon your Mom and she would serve you better than any other ladies in the world.

• Selecting Mom as the Matron of Honor is most useful, when you want to invite the most minimal number of guests and it consists of your relatives and the nearest friends, who is well acquainted with your Mom also. Here everything remains much more homely, as the Mom is in-charge of the whole wedding day.

• Your wedding day might turn to be a nightmare to you, if your Matron of Honor lady being over excited goes for too much drinking and resultantly gets disorderly on the biggest day of your life when you have vested upon a respectable duty upon her. But there is almost no chance to happen such awkward incidence if your mom performs the duty of your Matron of Honor.

• Moms are more steadfast in expressing their own dissatisfaction regarding your wedding planning, dress issues, inviting and attending the guests than any other else in the world. Yes, you have own judgment, but listen to her advice for at least once. It may come to your use. Thus your Mom is free of cost consultant to you, which you wouldn’t have from others, out of her shyness or hesitation.

The Cons of Matron honor
• It’s not customary for the Mom to throw your bridal showers and if you want to enjoy your bachelorette party with friends of your age, then she is not the best person for you. Because your friends may not be comfortable to enjoy her accompany when they seems to be more juvenile with drinks and dance.

• Your mom has to play bigger role than being just your Matron of Honor. If she remains busy solely with you, then she might miss lots of other important aspects of the wedding party like greeting the guests, commanding the service staff, attending on the reception line etc. It would be frustrating for you if your guests feel that your Mom is not caring them at all.
• Your Best Friends for Forever may have expecting to perform the prestigious role of Matron of Honor in your wedding for so long. Opting for Mom may frustrate them and resultantly your relationship may turn to be cold. So at first have a talk with your BFF then decide whether she should be selected as your MOH based on her overall enthusiasm, ability and experience for the role. She may serve you better than your Mom.