Despite having a lot of planning and putting altogether best efforts, wedding day ceremony is still a matter of serious concern for both the families of bride and groom. Because, everyone wants to make the day most memorable forever by superseding the wedding day parties which they came across so far. Like the bride, Mother of the bride has some dreams and desires to implement on this big day. May be she has some unfulfilled desire in her own wedding, which she wants to materialize in her daughter’s wedding.
While your mom is flying high on her emotion, you just take a few minutes together- when either of you go for a walk in the morning or staying in the kitchen for a few minutes to share her feelings. She may expose her emotion by wondering that her little girl has grown up so fast, and you can assure her that you will be in touch with her despite living with your to be husband.

Unfortunately some of her desire may contradict with you, because the mode of organizing and decorating a wedding party as changed since she got married. So as a bride dreaming to celebrate the merriest day of your life flawlessly, you have to keep her calm and happy. We have the following few tips for you to make mother of the bride happy in your wedding day.

Include her in preparing your wedding plan
Keep in mind that your mom has attended more wedding party than you in her life. So she may help you with her valuable opinion in your areas of difficulty. Perhaps she is the best person in the world to help you in your time of exigency. She is more important when she bears a share of your total expenditure.

Put value to her opinion
You should listen to her attentively and consider her suggestion seriously. You can have in details discussion with her on issues ranging from choosing the venue to items of menu. Otherwise, she may get frustrated out of thinking that she has no part in your mind.

Assure that she has no reason to get worried over the arrangement
Keep her updated about your activities for wedding day. So that she is assured her that everything is going according to the plan and will be within the budget. To assure her about the availability of money, you can maintain a separate bank account in the joint name of both. I think this will make her extremely happy.

Go with her in shopping
Definitely your mom would be choosier than ever before in selecting her own apparels and accessories to be put on in your wedding day. This may make her nervous in choosing her own dress. You should help her in such situation, and if she is wise enough then she would value your opinion and synchronize her dress choice according to your wedding theme.

Small Gift to Make Mother of the Bride Happy
You can exceed her expectation from you by giving her some small gift like handkerchief or a mug in which a little wish from you are embedded.

Engage her with few important tasks which is beyond your control
Being a guardian of you, your mom wants to play the key role like greeting the guests and acting as their guide, supervising the wedding proceedings along with your dad. Surely she will enjoy her job and this will delight the guests.

Greet her with flower on the wedding day
This is a tradition to gift flower to her mother by a bride on the wedding day, but you can make the scene more touchy by making a pause and give a single rose and a kiss to your mom during the procession.

Arrange a special transportation for her
If you can afford a limousine or a well decorated car to carry her to the ceremony and reception, then she would realize how much special she is to you!

Offer her to give you away
It is customary that father of the bride gives her away, but you can redesign the tradition by involving your Mom, also.

Make her proud by wearing something of hers in the ceremony
You can show your allegiance to her by wearing her own wedding dress, put on her pearl necklace or something like that which has a special meaning to her on your big day.

Give her a chance to enjoy the wedding in her own way
Include some of her friends in your guest list who may be out of her face to face meet for a long time and allow a portion of your wedding day to chat with them, by both you and your fiancé. Surely she would be proud of you and her friends would also appreciate you.

Rewind her own wedding day memory
Her wedding day stories may be already known to you, but still it has a special meaning to her in your wedding day. She may be contemplated to tell you one of her happy memories of the life once again despite being busy with wedding day tasks.

Pay your gratitude to her
All your previous effort will be meaningless, if you forget to thank her for all her deeds she has done for you so far. By thanking her in public you can not only rein down her emotion but also can firm your existence in her heart for future. This applies to all mother like figures such as stepmoms, grandma and of course mom-in-law.