A mother of the bride can be a tough task for a young bride to handle. Mother of the bride responsibilities are usually split between her mother. They will have to work out a budget for the entire process. To ensure this happens, there are some very basic things that she will need to consider.

Mother of the Bride Responsibilities

Mother of the bride responsibilities must be kept in mind. One of the first things she must do is to make a guest list. She should be able to assemble her guests from all walks of life. Most importantly, the list must include everyone in attendance at the wedding and also those who will be on her wedding guest list.

The mother of the bride must gather information about her intended from all the people who will be attending. She will be able to get this information from friends, family, and co-workers. She should also ask each of these people if they have any free time in the week. She should then contact her intended at least a week before the wedding and give them the details of the wedding plan.

When the mother of the bride has found out how many people will be attending the wedding, she will need to decide where her chosen location will be. A suitable location should be comfortable for everyone. Some of the more extravagant weddings may require an indoor venue, while others may only require a semi-informal venue.

Mother of the bride responsibilities may also include a choice of dresses for the bride. She can choose to attend the wedding in her best dress or she can hire a professional designer to create a unique dress for her. She will also be responsible for choosing any bridesmaids dresses.

When the mother of the bride is planning the wedding reception, she must consider that she and her daughter may be invited to accompany her on the marriage day. The bride and groom may also have special guest there. The mother of the bride should make sure her daughter is comfortable with these choices.

Mother of the bride responsibilities should include the preparation of dinner. If it is a two-course meal, the mother of the bride should do all the cooking herself. However, it is good to consider hiring a catering service for the wedding reception as long as they will deliver the food on time.

Once the father of the bride has been informed of the date of the wedding, he will need to make arrangements to attend the ceremony. In most cases, the father of the bride will choose a date that is a couple of months away from the intended date. If it is too far away, he should make arrangements to attend.

Mother of the bride responsibilities also involve the preparation of the reception. The father of the bride may want to hire a caterer. Other than that, he should help with planning the dinner, and he may want to hire a bartender.

Mother of the bride responsibilities are similar to those of the father of the bride responsibilities. He should be aware of the date of the wedding. He should decide where the best place for the wedding reception will be, whether it will be indoors or outdoors, and he should choose a date that is two or three months away from the intended date.

Every mother of the bride should make sure that the bride knows what her mother wants. This can be accomplished by asking her mother what she wants and also by asking her mother-in-law what her wishes are. Finally, it is important that the bride knows what to expect during the wedding and afterwards.

You are satisfied with your preparation for your wedding in a sense that a made good plan with lots of thinking and has made necessary arrangements. Now, it’s the time to execute it. And, that’s the problem. You may not have the necessary level of experience for making the overall arrangement of a wedding party. Moreover, in your wedding day you are not in a position to look after each and every issues and give instructions accordingly. With the help of professional service provider you can overcome some of these lacking. But, you need your Mom to coordinate these service provider as well as to receive the guests, keep them enjoying the party till the end.

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In the broader sense, the goal of your mother should be to ensure that your wedding party goes as per your desire; i.e, your each and every desires are fulfilled in the biggest day of your life. Yes, she may have her own opinion over some of the issues. Whether she agrees or disagrees, it’s a smart options for you to keep her busy with some responsibilities, such as –

Mother of the bride Responsibilities early in the day:
1. Ensure that everybody had a decent breakfast, off-course the bride.
2. Have a look again on the To Do list on the wedding day ceremony and make necessary adjustment with consultation to the bride.
3. Make the last minute communication with bridesmaids and Maid or Matron of honor to check whether everything is so far OK.
4. Welcoming the videographers, photographers, make-up artists into the home and make necessary arrangements so that they can do their job smoothly.
5. Accepting flower bunches, gifts, cards if there any.


Mother of the bride Responsibilities before going to the wedding venue:
1. Ensure that the bridesmaids have their dresses and make overs in time and smoothly.
2. She herself has to get ready as well as assist the Maid and Matron of honor to get fully ready.
3. Ensure that the bride has also got ready to go in time.
4. Co-ordinate to send the persons who are required in wedding venue prior to arrival of the bride.
5. She should accompany the bridesmaids and the matron of honor to the wedding venue at least ten minutes before the arrival of bride at there.

Mother of the bride Responsibilities at the wedding venue:
1. Receive and greet the guests by standing in the receiving line.
2. Make arrangements for taking pre-wedding photos.
3. Stay with the bride for few minutes until the final moment.
4. Sit on the parent table following Mother of the Groom, which is a signal to start the ceremony.
5. Give her daughter away if father of the bride is not there.
6. Walk through the aisle accompanying the bride.

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Mother of the bride Responsibilities after the ceremony:
1. Say something about her own feelings today with special thanks to the guests, if she wants to say.
2. Perform the customary dance with both her husband and the groom in the first dance sequence.

Discharging of these responsibilities by your Mom depends upon her physical and mental strength as well as her strong determination to look after all these issues simultaneously over a limited period of time. She need not to work her alone, she can form a group of her friends and other relatives whom she can rely upon. To do that you need to get her prepared her since your announcement of getting to be married. So that she is not over excited out of joy and at the same time you have the time to convince her if she opposes any of your choice.