Select Right Marriage Celebrant for Civil Marriage Ceremony

A marriage ceremony is a public expression of one of the most precious and beautiful of all gifts, the love that a couple have in their hearts for one another. A first-class marriage celebrant will offer you the freedom to express those feelings in your own special way.

Importance of Marriage Celebrant

There are a number of suggestions which a marriage celebrant can give to you that enables you to compile your own wedding ceremony reflecting your own views of marriage and your own particular style. When as a couple, you are afforded the freedom to design their own marriage ceremony the meaning behind the words becomes their meaning and the love expressed in the words is their love.

The decision to marry should be made after a lot of thought, consideration and discussion between a man and a woman. Love is a most profound human experience and marriage symbolises the ultimate intimacy between two people, to be entered into with certainty and with mutual respect. The Family Law Act instructs that the solemn and binding nature of marriage is the union of a man and a woman, voluntarily entered into for life, to the exclusion of all others.

When a man and woman declare publicly their desire to live together as husband and wife, they also make a commitment to love, to care for, to consider, and to respect each other. The bond of love will become deeper and even more meaningful with each passing year, serving as a source of common energy giving you strength to live your lives with happiness and confidence.

Perfect Wedding Celebrant

Deciding on a civil marriage celebrant can be difficult, it is a personal consideration and perhaps the most significant decision you will make with regard to your wedding. It is the wedding celebrant who solemnizes your marriage according to law and assists you in designing a wedding ceremony that reflects your values, your meaning of love and your commitment.

All registered civil celebrants subscribe to the ‘Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants’ which is enshrined in the Marriage Act. This Code requires a high standard of service, recognition of the significance of marriage, compliance with the Marriage Act, standards and professionalism, and a knowledge and understanding of family relationship services.

The professional Wedding celebrant is one who:

  • Is registered and is readily willing to supply their registration details.
  • Subscribes to and lives by strong and genuine values.
  • Is a friendly, approachable and professional.
  • Communicates clearly and openly, actively listening giving you their full attention in all interactions.
  • Lets you know what is going on and what is required of you, endeavouring to explain things clearly and seeking genuine feedback ensuring accuracy in understanding.
  • Answers questions honestly and provides the best information and choices available at the time.
  • Accepts responsibility for their performance in the execution of their duties and responsibilities and will exercise all due care in their actions and communications.
  • Has a clear and audible speaking voice with experience in public speaking.
  • Is creative in the provision of resources and access to resources.
  • Allows for and respects your privacy, maintaining confidentiality on all dealings.
  • Is considerate of cultural backgrounds, beliefs, religion and individual needs.
  • Takes care of your wedding ceremony and property showing courtesy at all times and encouraging self expression that adds value to the process.

Your marriage celebrant should work with you, doing everything that they can to ensure that your wedding ceremony is one that is remembered for all the right reasons. Each couple will be looking for something different in a civil celebrant so care should be employed in this important decision ensuring that throughout the process you are left feeling confident that your ceremony will be professionally arranged and conducted, and that you will be left with that ‘sense of occasion’ on your wedding day.

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