It’s quite natural for the mother of bride, to ride over the moon on her daughter’s wedding day. Because it’s one of her merriest day in the whole life. She wants to enlighten the party by appearing in a most unique attire which supersede the apparels of all the ladies present there in every aspects- like style, design, color, fabric, accessories, under – garments. Unfortunately to make a unique look of her, mother of the bride makes some irreversible blunder while choosing the outfit.

A good looking outfit can turn the Bride and her mother along with the wedding planner into a superstar to all present in the party. In the same way an odd looking dress can raise lot of whisper and gossip all around, which may even have an adverse impact on the life of new couple. Mother of the bride can attract the attention of guests in both positive and negative way- being dressed elegantly or ridiculously. To avoid ridiculous looking, here we suggest Mother of the bride to remain alert about the following 3 biggest blunder on her daughter’s wedding day dress.

Avoid the transparent looking dress
Sheer fabrics may look fashionable, but it may expose the secret parts of your body in public. The situation is specially embarrassing for everybody present there, when mother of the bride poses for snap while there are bright lighting behind her, as the secret parts of her body including lingerie are visible to everyone.mother-bride-dress-odd

This awful situation is more likely in case of “white” weddings, where everybody is pursued to be dressed in full white clothing. The nightmare still waits for the bride’s family- if these photographs are taken by someone else on cell phone camera and uploaded in internet, making the bride’s family ridiculous to all.

Avoid the wearing of excessive tight fitting and too short dress
To have the youngish looking and make a dazzling presence in the wedding party, some of mothers of the bride choose to wear too short dress with tight fitting on her body. You need to wear the appropriate lingerie to keep everything right. Because, covering the secret parts of body by fabric is not enough for you. Yes, to sort out the right undergarments both comfortable and matching with the dress is a time consuming job.

It’s unwise for mothers of the bride to wear a dresses that don’t straightens her body shape, or fails to properly hide the curves. Yes, you have the option to buy a dress with built in bra, but if your breast is of C-cup or bigger, then it is not enough for you inside an organza dress.

Avoid being the halter of the rhythm of wedding
You want to have a flamboyant looking on the merriest day of your daughter’s life. But this shouldn’t lead you to wear a dress that outshines your daughter’s bridal gown. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to be dresses in dowdy or like an old fashioned women with grandmotherly looking. You need to be looked ‘classy and elegant’ not ‘sexy and alluring’. Elegant looking has two separate tone for both the bride and her mother, each of whom can attract the attention of the guests at a time, by wearing a smartly chosen dresses. However it is wise for you to consult with your daughter prior to make the ultimate choice of your dress. You should also consult with Mother of the groom to ensure the harmony of both the mother’s dress in photographs snapped beside of the couple.