1.Fine, say the actual traditional types wedding transformation that are off only the idea of ​​the acceleration can take in something, that does not a mini-bar your limousine service has gone the souped options that include a person looking for. Test drive all of the respective classic white Rolls-Royce  to extend the seats 22 vehicle at the super-luxe limo bus with 50 seats. And while we’re breaking the rules that says your weekend car knows to be? Each shiny black limousine offers the high society, I see.

2. Many carriers offer more than just the respective wheels and pull out all the stops for royal you and your groom, what they call the actual package. Often you will find the treatment, when the driver literally rolled out the red carpet (the right!) At the door. You can also request that your favorite romantic comedy or your make-out compact disc can be listened to in the car entertainment center. And many companies will take out the vehicle with chilled champagne and caviar. But only if you think that an individual at the ceiling of the ultimate high end, you can ask one other thing comes horn toots bride. Now that class.

Wedding Transportation

3. Where the bride usually book it says that you have to give your reception in a limo? We can lots of other decisions that consider an individual zip off in style. You can do with individuality, a Microbus go, A Harley-Davidson with sidecar, or an old-school car. Or in something a little more slip Beverly Hills, a cherry-red Lamborghini, a jet-black Camaro SS, or a silver BMW.

4. The great thing about wedding anniversary trip is that it is part of the plan where you save probably the most, and still ride in ultra-chic style. To think, for example, a one-trip wonder. If you make a grand entrance to lease a vehicle for the journey . On a similar note should be aiming for, you, you take the whole party viewing, best get a fancy phone to say goodbye. Pinch pennies simply by signing up for an hourly rate, rather than an entire night. To pay for the car and driver combo only when it is used and not when. Idle in the parking lot of the reception

5. Although it does not seem to be a problem as it is a good idea to know who is actually contacted for wedding transportation. If the transportation business, you deal with does not find the car you are trying they often hold a car from another provider (and basically they pay a rental fee). Here is where it gets sweaty, as a more middle man away from the wedding car of your dreams, you leave the door open for any delays or even worse, leave a no-show. If you have your heart set on a particular car focused, be a better person find a provider that is actually the most important you have in mind.


6. A person needs feel restricted to vehicles period. For example, the horse has the use of these brides who after an all-out Cinderella experience are (a bit much, as we think, but to each their own). We discuss a little self-propelled action: taking one of them sports and the other characters in your back, hop into a pair of inline skates or on a scooter or even peddle away on a bicycle built for a couple.


7. Why be a one-car-pair? In just a wedding ceremony, you have so many chances people (like yourself) to get all revved up. If you can decide with the stretch Hummer and tiny green beetle, select a path for the wedding and a. For the trip home Put on that treat the same type of car for everyone in the wedding, maybe you to your own companions in some 4-wheel drive have action, but mom and dad rolled into a sweet midnight blue Porche. Show not only a set of hot wheels.


8. While maxing and relaxing in all-out style for your guests comfortable in some of the transport. A luxury bus (seating 50-75) did not forget a favorite is a super-safe way to transport family and friends (no drinking-and-driving concerns left no guests between the ceremony and reception). And what a wedding transpiration with no signal? Equip your party bus with an announcement on both sides: just watched Jen Andy give marriage! Get a contract.

9. We all do not get tired of saying it: Don think about the setting of the wedding transport provider with everything always in composing. And we mean everything: arrival time (sleeping pad, an additional 20 minutes for safety’s sake); wedding departure time, addresses and continue from where you, the size, color and model of the car (using the license plate number, if you selected a certain thing ), the driver you want, tips, and any special requests you have. You have peace and a piece of paper to make sure it all goes efficiently. (for wedding transportation)


10. Completed when the party is the real party can begin only, so make sure you’ve got the actual deliveries. Wins the bridesmaid to pack up a little after-the-party package for the two of you to enjoy as you make your getaway. Add some of what you eat, because we trust everything you are starving (the more protein, the harder energy you have on post-trading activities is) can, something to drink (water, soda), a comfortable blanket (for snuggling), the other protective measures, slide around on. Ahem were talking about slippers.

Wedding Car Decoration

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