Want to make your wedding ceremony more warm or luxury or sweet? Using these small sweet things you can get a big surprise. And these kind of Wedding Decorations can adorn your wedding dress more nice.

Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations with Lantern: Buy some lanterns, on the grass or hanging in the hallway, night, dim candlelight, like a dream.

Wedding Decorations with Small lantern: A tree outside the hotel can also hang small lights, when the guests to the hotel along the trail, when, to feel the festive atmosphere. Flashing on the ceiling decorated numerous small lights, to create a star-spangled tonight. Fireworks: The wedding night, out of the hotel, on the lawn, along with fireworks. Silence of the night sky, the beautiful colorful fireworks, and some illuminating as heavenly flowers, some as bright as the stars in this warm atmosphere and tells the people how to sit still maintained? Fountain also seems happy with the music in the elegant dance, do not have a view.

Wedding Music

Music: Enjoy Wedding with beautiful music, not only add joy, and help smooth the ceremony. Guests dining at the time, you can put the restaurant’s sound system to listen to classical music very well, the guests are enjoying your wedding food, will not notice or really put the band’s recording, it saves the cost of music .

Light Fragrance:

Scented candles lit, so the ceremony and banquet venues are filled with a fragrance, not too strong, it seems to be absent, inadvertently smell is the best results, make people feel relaxed, casual, natural, pure . But do not take place at the table, otherwise it will smell the food and mix together. Wine: tulip-type or slender goblet, golden champagne, Chung rich foam, attractive colors and fresh taste, giving it a golden elegant atmosphere. To eat the beautiful petals frozen into ice, on a soft drink cup, will be very compelling. If you are worried about the wine is not enough, you can prepare some drinks, guests will not be too concerned about.

Wedding Decorations and Candle: Each have put some candles on the table, higher, thicker, if candlestick on the best, yellowish candle enveloped the table, blurred and warm. Flickering candlelight can make flowers look more tender and beautiful.

Wedding Decorations items

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