Want to know the top tips for wedding reception? You need to be sure that you get the most from your wedding receptions. Here are some of the top tips for wedding reception:

Tips for Wedding Reception

First of all, choose colors that will make the reception venue look bright and vibrant. It’s the theme you want to portray when planning a wedding. And using bright colors are the best way to do this. This is a main aspect of every reception venue. Be sure that your reception venue is decorated with colors that are bright enough to show off.

Another tip that you can consider is the seating arrangement. Choosing the right set of seating arrangement that will enhance the mood is very important. Deciding on the perfect placement of seating will make your wedding reception stand out and outshine the others.

Try to make the venue as accommodating as possible. A great thing about wedding reception venue is that you will have the freedom to change the seating arrangement if you feel it will be more helpful to the event. Consider inviting your guests to sit and talk to one another during the meal.

Colors should be considered in your seating arrangement. Try to coordinate the colors that your guests will wear or carry with them during the reception to your seating arrangement.

Do not forget to consider your greeting people. If you have guests who have trouble with stairs, you might consider having the stairs illumination so they can have a better view of the party. The lighting effect will also help them see where the stairs are leading them.

Consider using decorations in your wedding reception to make it stand out. If you want to add to the overall look of your reception, you can think about using LED lights and ribbons. These are really effective ways to add the touch of style and drama to your wedding reception.

Lighting is one element that can be adjusted to suit the overall look and mood of your wedding reception. Be sure to ask your local professional lighting company about any special lighting ideas that you can incorporate into your reception. They will definitely give you an idea on how to make the most of your lighting.

Lighting should be used in a manner that will help in blending your color scheme together. This will be the finishing touch of your color scheme so that your reception will be complete. There are many lighting products in the market that are affordable and convenient to use.

If you do not want to pay so much for the lights, you can consider investing in an easy key chain light. They are inexpensive and can really add some sparkle to your table decorations.

Lighting does not have to be expensive. Try experimenting with a few creative lighting such as candles and lanterns that can really add a lot of charm to your reception.

Lighting is always important in your reception. It can make or break the effect of your reception. Get some cheap lighting and watch the fun your reception will have!


If saving is the new black then keeping a close eye on your big day’s bottom line is the new wedding chic.
Whether you’re funding the day yourselves, you’re after a low-key vibe or times are tough, savvy brides have come up with plenty of strategies to ensure you can still have a beautiful wedding reception – without blowing the budget.

Select from Cheap wedding venues on Sunday

While it’s long been thought staging your wedding on a Friday is an obvious money saver, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, forget Fridays. If you’re keen to pinch pennies many venues say they’re becoming just as popular as Saturdays. Your best bet is a Wednesday or Thursday or ask venues that don’t normally open on a Sunday if they are willing to open their doors for yours. Despite having to pay staff Sunday rates, many venues offer discounted packages for Sunday weddings.

Cheap Wedding Party int the Mid-Morning

Once you’ve chosen the day, it’s time to think about style. Cocktail parties outside major meal times can be a less fussy and much more cost effective option when compared with conventional sit-down do’s – they’re typically shorter and you don’t need to account for as many wait staff, nor table decorations.
For an elegant style of wedding, why not consider a wedding breakfast or lunch. Get married mid-morning when you’re looking fresh and negotiate with your venue to be out in the afternoon – leaving them to re-book another function in the evening.

Cheap Wedding Menu

A wedding high tea is another variation on this theme. Think pretty pastels, shabby chic and platters of fresh fruits, pastries, poached salmon, cheese plates, twee tarts, cucumber sandwiches and smoked trout with crème fraiche – yum! Consider as an added bonus the fact guests tend to drink less at a brunch or high tea too.
If you’re able to, supply your own alcohol, as even if venues charge a hefty corkage, BYO usually still works out a less expensive option in the end.

Money Saving Drink at Wedding reception

Another idea to keep costs down is to have your wedding guests head straight into the wedding reception room in the evening, serving one round of drinks at the door as guests mingle and seek their seats. This can save significant sums compared to serving drinks and canapés in a designated foyer area or garden before the reception – especially if the bridal party run late and rounds of drinks run into extra time.

Money saving from Dinner

Considering most wedding dinners consist of at least two courses, there’s really no need to serve dessert and then wedding cake with coffee. Wedding cake is a perfectly acceptable dessert option these days and guests with tight dresses will thank you for it later.

Another tip from the trade is to serve coffee, chocolates and mints after the meal, as besides finishing off dinner nicely, it also helps slow alcohol consumption.

Wedding Reception Accessories

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