Wedding planning is full of so many serious and weighty decisions-from who to invite to whether or not to change your name-that instead of being one of the most joyful endeavors of your life it can be among the most stressful. Planning your wedding flowers is an exercise in artistry, a chance to indulge your senses and express your style and taste. You don’t have to worry about decorum and etiquette, and no one will get their feelings hurt if you chose lilacs instead of lilies.

While your mother, sisters, and best friend, may have a lot to say about menu or the wording on the invitation, the flowers are safe territory. They may be one of the few wedding details that no one else has a strong opinion about. So when it comes to flowers follow your bliss and surround your self with blooms and blossoms that make your heart sing.

The choice of floral theme, color and display is one of the most effective and fun ways to do so. For centuries, brides have carried bouquets and decorated wedding sites with floral arrangements. Today, the range of exiting possibilities is endless, providing an opportunity to set a distinctive tone for your wedding. Your floral budget can certainly run the gauntlet. On average you should expect to spend about 8% of your overall wedding budget on the flowers. Even if you plan to create and arrange your own wedding flowers, consulting with a florist first is still a good idea.

Hiring a florist ensures your wedding flowers and floral scheme match your vision. When it comes to wedding flowers – go with the season! Choose wedding flowers that bloom locally and naturally during the time of your wedding. Although you can find most floral varieties all year, seasonal blooms are readily available, less expensive and often more durable. Select your wedding season below, and find out which flowers typically bloom during that time.