Diamonds traditionally have been the Ultimate Rock when it comes to engagement rings, because of their beauty, brilliance and sheer prestige. Bride can choose brightstone by considering month and meaning.

However, these days many brides opt for other stones, either for personal or economic reasons. Below is a list of birthstones and their meanings, which may give some assistance in choosing the Rock for your engagement ring.

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Brightstone meaning by month

January brightstone is Garnet – meaning Constancy

February brightstone  is Amethyst – meaning  Sincerity

March brightstone  is Bloodstone/Aquamarine – meaning  Courage

April brightstone  is Diamond – meaning  Innocence

May brightstone  is Emerald – meaning  Love and Success

June brightstone is Pearl – meaning  Health and Longetivity

July brightstone is Ruby – meaning Contentment

August brightstone is Peridot – meaning  Happiness In Marriage

September brightstone is Sapphire– meaning Clear Thinking

October brightstone is Tourmaline/Opal – meaning Hope

November brightstone is Citrine/Topaz – meaning Fidelity

December brightstone is Turquoise – meaning Prosperity

Rings are always considered as a symbol of love. This is something whose spark says thousand words .It says that I love you. It says you mean a lot to me and it says that want to give our relationship a meaning and want to carry it to the eternity. This is the only accessory diamond rings that you want to wear till the last breath of your life because it carries so many beautiful memories of your life. That is such a precious accessory for a wedding that is why couples want it to be unique as it represents their love to each other.

As all of us know that jewelry is women’s best friend because it represents femininity, beauty, and jewelry also determines social status. Choosing the right diamond jewelry is a big task for people who have less knowledge of diamond matter, because people in that position do not have any clue about diamonds that suit them.

Brightstone Color

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