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Keepsake The Label Dresses design with art and traditional approach for evening wears. Modern sophisticated dresses are most selected wears of women. [expander_maker id=”1″ more=”+ Read More” less=”- Read Less”] There are more than 12 collections of Keepsake The Label Dresses create a beautiful look that is unique feminine with quality fabrications, uncommon shapes. Wearing a Keepsake The Label Dress a girl look so beautiful in the party, romantic feelings, elegant. Keepsake The Label Dresses – Mini Dress, lace blush, oblivion lace midi dress in spice, dreamer lace, stepped down long sleeve, gown, free lace mini dress, love bound, long sleeve mini sketch, long sleeve dress in navy. Keepsake The Label Dresses Colors – Navy blue, ivory, red, black, red, floral dark and other colors. Keepsake The Label Dresses Sizes: M, L, S, XS, XXS, XL, O-S. Social Party, Wedding Party, Bridesmaid, Workwear, Festival, Vacation, Casual Keepsake The Label Dresses made by polyester, elastics, nylon with hidden zipper. Return or Deliver in 2-3days without any charge. [/expander_maker]