That is one impressive robe. The fabric is all Chiffon, totally coated (with the exception of for the sleeves after all) with a zip again, and trimmed with stunning bugle beads all through the highest, back and front. It is a one piece robe with a piece glance and you realize you’re going to no longer to find this in any retailer, best right here, at TheEveningStore. If you wish to have a protracted sleeve extremely-chic robe in Black, That is it. A very easy have compatibility for each dimension. Bust and Hip must no longer exceed 38″ for a dimension small and forty” for a dimension medium and forty two” for a dimension huge and forty four” for a dimension additional huge and forty eight” for a dimension 1X and fifty two” for a 2X and fifty six” for a 3X and 60″ for a 4X and sixty four” for a 5X and sixty eight” for a 6X. It’s Simple, take any form of measuring tape like from a stitching equipment and placed is round your again and over your Bust no longer too tight and no longer too unfastened and the similar across the Hip, across the heart of the Butt round to the entrance. Simple.