Green Crush Velvet Princess Cut Plus Size Supersize Tank Maxi Dress Price: $49.00 (as of 24/05/2022 11:44 PST- Details)

Standard length (50″/52″)
Princess Cut Measurements: 0x: Chest:44″ – Hips (appx):58″ 1x: Chest:48″ – Hips (appx):62″ 2x: Chest:52″ – Hips (appx):66″ 3x: Chest:56″ – Hips (appx):70″ 4x: Chest:60″ – Hips (appx):74″ 5x: Chest:64″ – Hips (appx):78″ 6x: Chest:68″ – Hips (appx):82″ 7x: Chest:72″ – Hips (appx):86″ 8x: Chest:76″ – Hips (appx):90″
Crush Velvet


Same old period (50″/fifty two”)
Princess Minimize Measurements: 0x: Chest:forty four” – Hips (appx):fifty eight” 1x: Chest:forty eight” – Hips (appx):sixty two” 2x: Chest:fifty two” – Hips (appx):sixty six” 3x: Chest:fifty six” – Hips (appx):70″ 4x: Chest:60″ – Hips (appx):seventy four” 5x: Chest:sixty four” – Hips (appx):seventy eight” 6x: Chest:sixty eight” – Hips (appx):eighty two” 7x: Chest:seventy two” – Hips (appx):86″ 8x: Chest:seventy six” – Hips (appx):ninety”
Overwhelm Velvet
Tank (Sleeveless) Princess Minimize
Sizing Runs Huge, Refer To Sanctuarie Designs Dimension Chart

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