HangErFeng Women’s Red Floral Knee Length Chinese Prom Dress Cheongsam 3412 XXL

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Silk fabrics, gentle and delicate, skin feel comfortable, fabrics touch the skin will be similar to the gentle breeze.
Exquisite Chinese style printing, exquisite pattern color printing technology, vivid and full of classical charm, exuding the charm of women. & The Chinese neckline is exquisite and elegant, showing the graceful lines of the neck. & Handmade buttons and exquisite edging, full of classical charm. & Side slit skirt, comfortable and elegant to wear, full of sexy.
It has the classical beauty of Chinese style, but it is fashionable.


Silk materials, delicate and mild, pores and skin really feel relaxed, materials contact the outside will probably be very similar to the delicate breeze.
Beautiful Chinese language taste printing, Beautiful trend colour printing generation, vibrant and filled with classical appeal, exuding the appeal of ladies. & The Chinese language neckline is Beautiful and stylish, appearing the smooth strains of the neck. & Hand-crafted buttons and delightful edging, filled with classical appeal. & Aspect slit skirt, relaxed and stylish to put on, filled with attractive.
It has the classical great thing about Chinese language taste, however it’s trendy.
Nice for day-to-day, events, dinner, formal, appointment.
We provide present packaging.

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